Touring Around the World


Touring Around the World

it is a strange thing that the sea voyages was there nothing to be seen but the sky see men should make diaries.but in a land travel,was there so much to observe.for the most part,they omitted as a chance or a feature to be registered than observation.Let’s diary,therefore, be brought in use. The things to be seen and observed are the courts of princes,espcially when they give audience to embassadors,the courts of justice,or they sit and hear causes.And so are of consisteries explit astic ,the churches and the mono staries were the monuments which are there in accident.the walls and the fortifications of cities and towns and so the habbins and habbors;antiquities and grains ,libraries, colledges disipatations and luxuries.were any are shippings and navies, houses and gardens,and the state of pleasure.near great cities armories magazines exhanges verses warehouses exercises of housemanship, fencing ,training of soldiers and alike, comedies such ware unto the better sort of person of resorts, treasures of Jews and Rows cabinets and varities.

and to conclude whatsoever is memoriable and the places where they go, after all, which ,the tourtors and servers are to make diligent for trumphy max fates weddings funerals capital excutations and such shows man need not to be put in mind of them,yet they are not to be in the coffin.

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