Love comparison constellation Top3

Third place: Virgo

Virgo’s care comes from the incorrigible spirit of cleansing, will uphold the spirit of hard work and resentment, diligently maintain the order of the environment, provide labor services free of charge, and only seek to meet their own living standards. They are good at taking care of others’ lives, and they have a nervousness to pick up the details. Pay attention to the fact that you have washed a few times in the toilet and used a few sheets of toilet paper.

Virgo’s anxiety is based on perfectionism and lack of self-confidence. As long as it is related to the task of work, they have a standardized process of SOP in their minds. They will follow the instructions of the department according to the rules, and follow the complicated steps in the established rules. Instrument, sometimes it looks red and unreasonable.

Virgo has a lot of persistence and patience for work processes and administrative matters. However, he is not good at commanding the commander and asking others to do it. It is a matter of fact. It is not easy to let go of the devil hidden in the details. Going to catch it is a must. Virgo pays great attention to the details of the habits, especially loves the obsessive-compulsive sentence of the words, sometimes people feel that the trees are not seen, not big enough, but insist on the details are correct, for the journalists who are picking the wrong But it is a virtue worthy of praise.

Second place: Scorpio

Scorpio has a strong sense of crisis in the heart. It is not allowed to be deprived of control. If others want to take advantage of them, they must be careful to play pigs and eat tigers. They must be ten times repaid. Every step of their considerations is carefully planned. From time to time, the effort to calculate the benefits of money, whether to get emotional rewards, and vice versa, now the emotional morality is quite good, whether there is considerable interest recovery in the future.

Scorpio is afraid of not being valued, and has many dissatisfaction and doubts about the personnel environment. He likes to hide and observe, secretly pick and criticize, and express extraordinary insight. The cynicism of Scorpio is very much in need of others to look at it with a unique attitude. It is concerned whether or not your own secrets are known, whether personal privacy is violated, and you can’t help but burst out the mystery of the gossip, share and expose all kinds of horror and dark plots, ask others Guess who the protagonist is, and get a cruel pleasure, is the king of self-destruction.

Scorpio is extremely paranoid about emotions. It requires 100% absolute monopoly. It is not allowed to betray a move. The dues are painstaking, setting a lot of tricks and testing your attitude towards him. Is it for everyone, or only for I have a special liking for myself, giving people a feeling of suffocation that is oppressed. Once I know the truth behind me, I can’t help but exclaim “good horror!”

First place: Cancer

Everyone has heard the phrase “small family”, and the explanation of Xiaojiazi is “describes behavior and is not generous.” As Cancer lives in its semi-closed shell, instinct develops self-protection of exclusion, unconsciously produces narrow regionalism, and the habit of a small family who is afraid of losing money.

Cancer is extremely insecure. It likes to take advantage of the small and cheap, and saves the small profits that are stored. It is not entirely for your own needs. It is mainly for the sake of closeness to blood and familiarity with friends. Just ask for another sentence. intimate”. Cancer treats family members with deep feelings and swallows. For outsiders, it is sensitive to defense and sharing. However, when it comes to sympathy, it will also give alms to it. From the public toilets, it can be used to supply urgently needed papers. Expressive humanity.

Although Cancer is willing to dedicate everything to its loved ones, it is also carefully calculated in the heart. Since childhood, whether it has received enough emotional feedback. If you want to get along with Cancer peacefully and disarm it, you can’t be too hasty, otherwise it’s shy and embarrassed, and it’s easy to shrink when you are scared. Try to use a delicate and thoughtful mind, slowly enter his safe range, ask for help, and try to eat together, in order to break into his life circle, otherwise it is easy to be regarded as an outsider, and be wary and suspicion everywhere.

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