BTC investment – westland storage

Westland storage is a real estate company that can earn 1% of the daily income for life. (Saturday, day 0.5%)

They claim to transfer investor funds to WLS, acquire real estate and lease.

Part of the proceeds are paid to investors in the form of daily dividends, equivalent to 1% of the investment.

Such investments usually have fewer early closures (about one year) and more than 120 days in the current period.

Minimum investment of 0.01000000 BTC

Registered address: https//


In addition, they have some tasks to earn WLS for free, and they also get 1% of the daily income, but they can’t quit without deposit.

Their deposits are graded, with a lifetime gain of 0.1% for each level, for a total of 6 levels.


Registered address:

Certificate of receipt:



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