Make money for free BTC – freebitco

Freebitco is a website that can earn BTC for free
Getting it is easy. You only need to press the “ROLL!” button every hour to earn 0.0000031 BTC or more.

After pressing, there will be 4 numbers. If the number exceeds 9885, you will get more BTC. It is a good system.

Then they also have gambling games, at least 0.00000001 BTC each time, up to 20BTC

Press BET HI number is higher than 5250 is to win, less is to lose,BET ODDS can be changed by itself, and the relative WIN CHANCE will be much less.

To win jackpots! Choose one of the top 5 and press the BET HI button to go to the 8888 number.
The top cost is the highest and you can win 1BTC.

Also, freebitco storage is interest-bearing, ANNUAL INTEREST RATE is 4.08%

There are also similar lottery tickets, draw once a week.

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