The house and the dog are gone! The public donation saved the surviving woman. The police found the scene back. The owner is dead.

The Discovery channel often broadcasts a documentary on crime, including an episode of the Extreme Forensics series, which recalls a bizarre “case” in California in 1997. The outcome of the sudden turn-down has impressed many of the audiences who have seen it, exclaiming more than drama. Be brilliant.

Stevie Allman, a 52-year-old woman from Oakland, California, died after her old mother who lived with her. She committed herself to anti-drug activities in order to forget her pain. She often photographed drug trafficking on the street and reported it to the police. . Stevie’s good deeds were praised by neighbours, but they also caused dissatisfaction among drug dealers.

On July 1, 1997, the police received a notice that Stevie’s house burned! When the firefighters rushed into the fire, they found a woman with a severe burn. She said in a weak voice, “The drug dealers burned my home!” Finally, the fire swallowed the whole house and burned two dogs. Stevie burns up to 15%.

The anti-drug hero unexpectedly suffered such a change. After the media reported in a large space, the public sympathized with Stevie, and the medical expenses, the construction of the business to help her rebuild the house, bring her new pet dog and so on. The police also rushed to solve the case, and the governor of California even offered a reward of 50,000 US dollars. However, the case still did not progress, only received a call that was not important, and no one stood up to identify the arsonist.

Two weeks later, the police went to the scene for the last time before Stevie’s house was demolished. After the whole house circled, there is still no new evidence. Just as the police were disappointed to leave, suddenly there was a freezer in the corner of the kitchen that was sealed with tape. It was difficult to see at a glance in the ruins, but it was not burned.

However, after opening the freezer, the police were stupid, and there was a bag of black plastic bags wrapped in a corpse! Criminologists feel that they have been beaten by Stevie. They suspect that the “anti-drug good citizen” that the public has always said is actually self-directed in a play, killing the mother and setting fire to destroy the dead. The mother’s insurance premium. However, they soon faced a second face, because the corpse DNA identification report was not written by the mother, but by Stevie himself!

Then, who is the pitiful woman in the hospital who has received a lot of money? Later, the police suddenly remembered the phone that was not important. Soon after the fire, someone claimed to be Stevie’s Leotta Belleville. She told the police, “The person who was sent to the hospital was not Stevie,” she said. “That is Sarah!”

It turns out that Stevie has 10 brothers and sisters, among them the 47-year-old sister Sarah Allman and her most like, many people mistakenly think they are twins. However, the two people who are so similar are unable to get together and eventually move on different paths. The upright Stevie lived a peaceful life, while the rebellious Sarah went through prostitution, as well as burglary and drug abuse. When he grows up, Stevie does not have to take care of his old mother and provide living expenses to his sister. After her mother passed away, Stevie decided not to “support” her sister. Sarah hated it and planted her murder.

After examining the DNA provided by the “False Stevie”, the police found that it was consistent with the fingerprints captured by Sarah in 1971 when she was arrested for prostitution. She confirmed that she was Sarah. After Sarah was arrested, she confessed that her motive for killing was for the contract of the house and for all the property. Sarah was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment and was not allowed to be released on parole.

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