Zigzag – Lowell George

From an interview in the March 1975 issue of Zigzag – Lowell George:

“I got into The Mothers to replace Ray – an impossible job, because no-one can replace Ray. He’s a singer par excellence and has a sense of humour that I couldn’t hope to get near. He did amazing things, very very funny things. Well I wound up playing more guitar than singing. I was initially hired to be the singer because I guess Frank thought I could sing, but I really ended up playing more guitar than singing. We wound up doing a lot more instrumental stuff. I appeared on a couple of albums although I didn’t get credited for the albums I appeared on, I got credited on other albums, because at that period everything was sort of in a state of flux that those moments were never chronicled. No-one ever scribed who did what and when. I sang on WPLJ [a song not (from ‘Weasels’) but on Burnt Weeny Sandwich], and I played on Hot Rats, and I sang something else. I wasn’t on Uncle Meat although my photograph was. Very strange things occurred at that period. I’m also on the 12-album set that Frank planned to release. I think I have half a side. I do a border guard routine. I’m a German border guard interviewing people as they cross the border. And I think I play one long relatively lame guitar solo, almost half a side. One of these days Frank will put that thing out – the Xmas album – that was when it was supposed to be for awhile. But nobody will take it. Nobody wants a 12-album set. It’ll probably cost 30 bucks or something, and not many people will want to spend 30 bucks on a 12-album set of the history of The Mothers Of Invention. What he might do is make it a limited edition.”

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