If I have a partner, I will go….

If I were ever fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go anywhere with a partner of my choice, I would choose Shakespeare as my companion. As the greatest poet and playwright in the history of English literature, he would be bound to have great knowledge and insight into what we call beauty; thus the artistic side of me would be refreshed with nourishments of the dazzling world of imagination.

Together we would read his immortal classics and fall for the eternal love between Romeo and Juliet, and laugh at the irony behind the foolish conducts of Hamlet. After the warm-up, my creative brain cells would be put into full gear, and we would set off on our journey.

We would go hiking together. The birds would chirp above our heads as a warm welcome, and in return Shakespeare would immediately write down yet another masterpiece to thank their hospitality. we would waltz under the emerald green shade to the rhythm of rustling leaves, and for a rest we would sit on the banks of a brook and talk about books and music as fish swim around our bare feet. As we ascend the hill, blazing rays from the sun would try to stop us in our paths, but a cool breeze would caress our cheeks, taking the sweat and tiredness away as they sing a melody of harmony to urge us on.

Finally, when we reach the hilltop, we would peer down at the rolling hills beneath and up at the clear blue sky above, and as we amuse ourselves with the twisting clouds transforming into a million different shapes, Nature would begin its grand symphony to celebrate our triumph, and at that moment, we would understand, from deep in our heart, the untold significance and beauty of Nature.

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