Have you ever seen where the first snow flake folly Is it on the country road, on the branch of an old oak tree, on the wheat fields in the plain, or between the peaks of the mountain range?

See the snowflakes leaping, dancing like flowers in the whirling wind. The flowers have six angles. Sometimes they are like stars. Sometimes they are only white dots, and they keep on falling gently in silence.

Without your knowing it, the fields, houses, trees and the whole earth are enwloped in a thin coat of snow. I love snow, because it is saintly pure.

Winter differs from the other seasons in that it is not as warmag spring, neither as hot as summer, nor as sad as autumn. The snowflake has her own grace and inspiration. It seems tender, yet it is amazingly attractive.

The snowflakes are flying here and there and everywhere. It seems as if they are little stars in the universe moving along their own orbit. Look! What a spotless silvery world, how great, how magnificent!

Away from the crowds of people,I stroll alone in the snow. Standing in the snow, flakes of snow float over my head, kissing me on the cheecks and falling on my eyebrow. Some make their way into my collar and some tall into my mouth. It tastes sweet.

Looking at this silver white world, thoughts well up in my mind. I feel as if I had become a part of them


Some people say snow may bring you joy and happiness. Others think snow can get rid of the dirt in the world. Still others believe snow will purify one's soul, and there are those who hold the view that snow can melt all the evils in its purity and sincerely ……

Oh, snow, you are as pure and white aa the angel in heaven. You come silently and generously protect everything in the world. You melt quietly and nourish a green spring.

Oh, snow, I love you.

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