Everyone is willing to feel happy, and people are willing to gather around the people who can give infinite charm and joy. Business companies want to hire employees to bring vitality to a variety of businesses. Some state-owned restaurants, when they train their staff, will let them perform impromptu shows, such as singing a “Happy Birthday to you” or “Happy Anniversary” at a special moment. The guests liked the excitement and the hotel also kept a lot of repeat customers.

There is a hotel that knows that people like surprises and carefully designs a plan. When a customer orders a steak, the chef puts the meat on a hot plate and places an ice on the plate as the waiter walks out of the kitchen. Then tell the waiter, “To slowly walk to the customer, we want other customers to hear the ‘咝咝’ sound from the steak.” The steak certainly doesn’t make a sound, but the sound of ice melting on a hot plate. The effect of this plan is very obvious. When the customer orders the food, they will get a steak as soon as they hear the sound. The sales of restaurant steaks are very good.

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