Ubuntu system installation Wine environment running jingling tutorial

Jingling is a Chinese traffic exchange hang-up software that is well-known in the world of traffic network. Like HitLeap, it is very versatile, such as using traffic in Taobao shop and QQ space. Of course, for you, the most direct use of the traffic wizard is to make a PTP to make dollars. However, jingling, like HitLeap, is also a software under the Windows platform. For batch hang-ups, the cost of a Windows VPS host or server will be much higher than that of Linux. So, is it possible to install jingling on a cheaper Linux VPS or server? Of course there is. Today, we will learn how to install and run jingling on a Linux VPS host.

First, preparation work
1, hardware environment: Linux VPS host one, at least 256 megabytes of memory, recommended 512 megabytes of memory or higher
2, system environment: install Ubantu system, recommended Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit version
3, tool software: Putty, VNC Viewer
Ps: In Putty, click the right mouse button to paste the copied code into Putty and press Enter to execute the Linux command. Second, the installation process

1. Install the LXDE+VNC desktop environment on the VPS:
See “Linux VPS Host Debian or Ubantu System Installation LXDE+VNC Desktop Environment Tutorial”
2. Install the Wine environment on the VPS:

Apt-get update
Apt-get install wine

In this step, when the apt-get install wine command is executed, a prompt to continue the installation will appear, shown as Do you want to continue?[Y/n], enter Y and press Enter to confirm the installation.
3. Use VNC to connect to the VPS host desktop. In the lower left menu, select APPLICATIONS > OTHER > WINETRICKS, click, the dialog window appears, and click Install.
After completing this installation, a new installation option will appear and still click Install. Wait until the installation is complete.
4 Then install the firefox browser Enter: yum install firefox, open the FireFox Firefox browser on the VPS, download the CrossOver software to the VPS, in the web page, select “Ubuntu 12.10 or newer”, enter the Name, Email and verification code, and download CrossOver.
5. After the download is complete, open the download file directory, find the CrossOver installation file, click the right mouse button, and select “Open With Software Install” to install.
6. Execute the following command in Putty to restart the VPS host.


After rebooting, use Putty to re-login and start the VNC service.

Vncserver :1 -geometry 1024×768 -depth 16 -pixelformat rgb565

7. Use VNC to connect to the VPS host desktop, download the traffic wizard version 4.0.4, click the right mouse button and select “Open With” > “CrossOver (Run)”.

8, the flow wizard is perfectly presented in front of you, bind the target website, start running brush traffic!

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