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The most vulnerable people are:
1.O type: An acute child, a little thing can provoke him, and there is a combative side in his character, and he will be thundered with the reason of “I want to vent it.”

2. Type B: It seems that the temper is very good. In fact, the temperament is very direct. When the anger is stunned, the rationality of the week disappears immediately. People around him usually do not understand why he is angry.

3. AB type: AB type people who are famous for their calmness are basically not angry, but once they occasionally start tempering, they will be very scary. Because they will control their emotions, the general anger will soon subside.

4. Type A: Type A, which is good at endurance, often breaks out when it can’t help it. So once angry, the consequences are often unimaginable.

The people who don’t know what to look at are:
1. Type B: Type B people live happily, and they go their own way. They don’t care about themselves. If they want to say anything, they will not think about each other’s feelings.

2.O type: When the O-type person concentrates on the things he is interested in, he will forget to take care of the surrounding things.

3. Type A: Most concerned about the type A of others, they can’t stand the criticism from the other side, so they will try their best to see the situation around and avoid mistakes.

4. AB type: sharp thinking, with the ability to analyze and adapt to the environment in an instant, can quickly understand the surrounding scenes and make a decent response.

The people who are good at packing up are:
1. Type A: Super love clean, cleaning in the room, finishing and reorganizing has become a habit, after using something, it will subconsciously return it to its original position.

2. AB type: I hope that my life can have quality, even the style of furniture is very concerned, like a simple, simple day, so things that are not used will be thrown away immediately, no regret.

3.O type: It is believed that the cleaning and finishing should be carried out on a regular basis. Once completed, all kinds of trivial objects will be stuffed into the drawer. It is not allowed to open the drawer to see them huddle together.

4. Type B: In one sentence, they describe that they are “not good at taking care”. The B-type of freedom of life feels “not to clean, and life continues as usual” and never strives in this regard.

Those who can boldly say their opinions are:
1.O type: When there are different opinions, they will basically not remain silent, no matter how boring suggestions, no matter how high the status of the other party, they will be outspoken.

2. Type B: They don’t care what others think, so they can express themselves frankly to anyone, but Type B people are not good at explaining opinions in front of many people.

3. AB type: The most concerned about the harmony of interpersonal relationships, before going straight to your own opinions, I will often consider “what if I say it, what impact will it have on our relationship?”

4. Type A: A type of person who is cautious and careful, even if there are many ideas, they cannot express it smoothly because they are afraid of being opposed.

Even the one-dollar AA system is:
1. Type A: Type A people have to deposit money in the bank. They don’t want to waste a penny on money, and they don’t want to owe others’ feelings, even if they are 1 yuan, they should share with friends.

2. AB type: AB type that is used to being treated as a guest, feel that your money is used to buy what you want to buy, not a meal.

3. Type B: Type B, which is not attached to money at all, is more popular in paying bills, and they also hate to stick to the section.

4.O type: I like to treat, even if I spend a little more money with my friends, they feel that it is very boring to have a little money there.

People who like to save money are:
1. Type A: A type of person’s pocket will feel uneasy if there is no money, even if it is very little savings, it would be fun if it can be saved.
2.O type: There is not much interest in accessing the matter itself, nor is it very positive, but if they have something they want to buy, they will be able to access it if they have the motivation.

3. AB type: Although they want to access, they also like to spend money. If it is not conducive to buying insurance, investment bonds and other forms that cannot be cashed out at any time, I am afraid it will be difficult to survive.

4. Type B: They think that there will be no major obstacles in life without saving money, and they don’t understand why so many people have to work hard to save.

People who are easy to spend money are:
1. Type B: Type B people are standard waste experts. Regardless of the future, they only identify themselves as “now wanted”, resulting in frequent impulse shopping.

2.O type: With leadership talent, resulting in too many visits, always the first to rush to the checkout, there is not enough money to spend.

3. AB type: AB type that is difficult to resist mental stress. Compared with appetite, it is more desirable to satisfy material desire first, so it is super love shopping.

4. Type A: Steady, economical personality, basically do not spend money indiscriminately. If one day buys something that should not be bought because of impulsiveness, even if the money is less, they will deeply regret it.

People who like to spend money to buy famous brands are:
1. AB type: pay attention to appearance is better than life, if the funds allow, they even want to be High from head to toe
Brand is armed.

2. Type A: It does not hate brand names, and hopes to highlight temperament, but they strictly control their own economic status and will not buy items that exceed the budget.

3.O type: O-type people like to show themselves, so if the famous brand can achieve this purpose, it is not bad, but you can buy the brand you appreciate, not necessarily every family.

4. Type B: Type B people don’t dislike brand names, but they don’t have the slightest indulge in the signs. They don’t wear brand names to see their own feelings. It is best for them.

Other aspects of personality and behavior of type A people:

1. Emphasis on equality;

2. When you eat, you will pay attention to the number of chewings, a little obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a little picky eaters. You must make a wish to determine what to eat for dinner.

3. The banknotes and coins in the wallet are always very complete, and there is also a coin purse separately;

4. No doubt about the certain things;

5. Be cautious, sometimes because it is too cautious to delay things;

6. Absolutely chronic;

7. No matter how urgent the situation is, it will always be at your own pace;

8. After realizing the failure, the mood will plummet;

9. I value the win or lose. If it fails, it will be very frustrating and even affect the mood of the whole day;

10. I don’t want to do original work. Because everyone is opposed, the blow is too big;

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Other aspects of the personality and behavior of type B people:

1. If you choose the A package, you actually want to order the B package;

2. Always maintain a pure state;

3. Why is it always hurt to be hurt yourself;

4. Always feel that things are artificial, there is nothing impossible;

5. Thoughts are always before the action, a guy with no action;

6. I hate excessive responsibility; wow!

7. When you are confused, you must discuss it with others;

8. It is easier to be caught by mosquitoes (this is super-identity, resentment~~);

9. There is no concept of the value of gold and jewellery;

10. Think that something strange is valuable;
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Other aspects of the personality and behavior of the AB type person:

1. I don’t know why, most of my friends are AB type;

2. Titles and titles are ineffective;

3. The world’s number one romantic fantasist;

4. Immerse yourself in the illusory world of your own construction;

5. Like to get along with others;

6. Being able to meet and know each other, is too conscious, and wants to know more people at any time;

7. Personality can be transformed into other blood type people, the previous second is still AB type, what blood type is possible in the next second;

8. I want to live in my own way;

9. When watching a good TV series or movie, you can’t extricate yourself in the context of the story;

10. Even if you know that you are a dreamer, you don’t care much about other people’s evaluations;
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Other aspects of O-type personality and behavior:

1. Every time I say “I am O-type blood” to others, the other party’s reflections are “I guessed it” and “very consistent”;

2. I feel that I am a transparent person and can be completely seen by others;

3. Go to the alarm clock every day, but never get out of bed once;

4. Go shopping, but go home and find that I forgot to buy the most needed thing;

5. How much money is used, which is the standard “moonlight family”;

6. The person with strong endurance, but seems to belong to the nerve strip;

7. I feel that I am a lovely person and always feel good about myself;

8. There are many hobbies;

9. Every time you see a moving TV show or movie, you always hold back your emotions and don’t cry out;

10. Especially like small animals;

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