1. * Looking for HALAL products is a duty *.
Therefore, the company has * TRADE * building a supermarket known as * SAVEN SHOP * where we assemble all SMALL HALAL products including BASIC goods, raw goods, dry goods until pampers, clothes, hoods, car black oils, others.

2. * Build SME INCOME. *
Of course, this business can help SMEs traders to target their products which are denied the right to trade big supermarkets such as GIANT, TESCO, AEON, ECONSAVE, FAMILY STORE and others.

3. * INDIVIDUAL Revenue *
Indirectly, the company can provide income to members,
members in PASIF. Especially shop for FREE.

Basic supplies (needs) for families such as Rice, Sugar, Flour, Milk are no longer a problem for all family heads.

4. * Untung’s shared concept *
Starting from one SHOP will explore and expand all over Malaysia, which is definitely a shared advantage and HALAL PRODUCT DISPOSAL is a reality.

Kejayaa starting from a combined step will be * BAHTERA * big enough to move forward.

Join us on our Company and our Saven Shop in Malacca, the historic land of the day * THE MISCELLANEOUS HISTORY OF THE MELAKA *.

We invite you all to come to see what we have
prepare for us to equally market nutrition * HALAL PRODUCT *

Let us unite, support, work together and start the fight * Halal Products * start at our home.

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