Family-friendly Chinese animation

“We are very excited. It’s very unexpected.

We didn’t feel that we would be shortlisted or nominated.
This piece of news is a very big surprise for us.
Now all the production staff are cheering for the nomination,”
said Zhang Hande, chairman of the film’s producer, Taiko Studios. 
The seven-minute story highlights the bonds of family and the pursuit of dreams. It follows the touching3 story of a Chinese girl named Luna who dreams of becoming an astronaut. 
Her cobbler father often gives her moon-patterned boots on her birthday, as a way to show his support for his daughter. As Luna grows up, she tries to realize her dream, but continues to fail. She also has to cope with the death of her father. She falls into a depression, before one day, entering her father’s studio, she sees the boots he made her.
This lifts her spirits, and she eventually becomes an astronaut.

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